Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip To Makassar Part I (05) - Statue at Anjungan Losari

Anjungan Losari is one convenient place for take a walk in the city of Makassar. Many snack foods are sold here. While waiting for the sunset we could we could enjoy the food. Just have to be a bit careful of the street singers, they are a bit force. disepenjang roads here are also plenty of restaurants if you are not accustomed to eating street food. Hotels are also widely available here. In general, this place is worth a visit if you are to Makassar.

Many beautiful sculptures here. Unfortunately I do not have time to ask her who the sculptor. There are statues of people were playing Sepak Takraw, a game that comes from the people here and now worldwide and became one of the sport that competed in the world competition.

Statues Sepak Takraw Games
Statue Folk Games Sepak Takraw
The Torch Holder Statue (1)
The Torch Holder Statue (2)

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