Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trip To Makassar Part I (02)

Walk around in Makassar city are other nuances of a city that weather is warm enough. Pour sweat profusely while walking round the streets of the city. With a friend and armed with a camera, we enjoyed the scenery there.

The people who sell food, clothing, and other merchandise. The pengamen, artisan rickshaw, taxi drivers and people who go by. Like most other thickly populated city, Makassar distinction still friendly. men look fierce, but actually they are very friendly.

Pretty much the object can be shot. Especially at Losari Beach. Many statues and monuments. Unique people. Faithful Holy Mosque which is located off the coast Losari. The golden sunset. And calm seas.

Unfortunately, Fort Rotterdam can not be shot from a distance. Greatly hinder cadger to shoot from distance. The fortress was when the object is important because there is a historical building in Makassar. So lose the spirit to take his picture.

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