Monday, February 18, 2013

Park of Eternity

Nevertheless.... finally resting in the park.... eternity is awaiting a decision the Supreme End.... 
life, love, lies, hatred, war, wealth, nevertheless lags behind the name...
abide himself dwells in eternal silence...

is it dark? whether the light?

Rest in peace???



Cap Go Meh Singkawang Festival - Part 01

As is the case for the Chinese community in Indonesia, Chinese New Year celebrations to welcome the Chinese New Year is always celebrated in the grandest tradition of all levels of Chinese society Singkawang every year. For those Chinese New Year celebrations were no different from other Indonesian society while celebrating Eid or Christmas.

 Chinese New Year traditions emerging from China, which is regarded as an expression of gratitude to God for the harvest and also hope that the next season to obtain better results. Chinese New Year is always celebrated for 15 days in a row and the 15th day of the summit called Cap Go Meh. In the tradition of Hokkien means the night of the 15th which is the peak Chinese New Year celebrations, and Cap Go Meh is celebrated in particular.

In Cap Go Meh This year will be celebrated on February 24, 2013.

If you want to be explored further, Cap Go Meh in Indonesia itself is a blend of Chinese culture and Indonesia, which is a rice cake Cap Go Meh. Lontong is authentic Indonesian food while the Cap Go Meh is a tradition born of the Lunar New Year. 

The highlight of the Chinese New Year or Cap Go Meh is meant to ward off bad luck or a disorder in the future. The expulsion of evil spirits and bad luck in the suppression of Cap Go Meh Tatung symbolized in the show. Tatung is the main medium Cap Go Meh. Places Tatung filled with mystical and thrilling, as many a man possessed, and these people are called Tatung. The ceremony was led by a pastor calling tatung who accidentally brought the spirit of a deceased person to permeate Tatung. The spirits are summoned spirits believed to be well capable of warding off evil spirits who want to disrupt the harmony of life. The spirits are summoned to dirasukkan into Tatung is believed to be the hero of a Chinese legend, such as warlords, judges, poets, princes and other saints.

In Tatung attractions that already possessed the spirit of the dead behaving strangely, some stomp or knife blade of the sword, others stick tapered steel wires up through the right cheek left cheek. Strangely the slightest Tatung's not scratched or injured.

That is why, the Cap Go Meh in different Singkawang Cap Go Meh celebrations in other places, either in Indonesia or in places other than Indonesia that still celebrate Cap Go Meh.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clouds, Skies and Plane - Part 02

Go go go gooo...!!!   Fly across the sky. Cotton clouds and blue skies, greet me...!  I want to taste you. Looked at the sky to greatness and spacious, I feel small and helpless... and discard the one any kind of arrogance in me....

Clouds, Skies and Plane - Part 01

Not everyone can have a chance to fly. Not every flights can sights white cloud and blue sky. Not every flights given the weather. Not every day can give photos of the clouds and the sky plane. When the time came, why not as soon captured?